What Is Your Assignment Here?

What on Earth is your assignment? The reason God gave life!
The reason you were Heaven-sent, each day that you survive...
And do you call upon His Name, just like prayer warriors do?
With love like some eternal flame, God's Word to guide you through?
Did God invest, forgive and guide and fill you to the brim
Without Lord Jesus crucified, your sins fixed fast on Him?
I tell you this, I'm just one man, with years both bright and bleak,
Yet my God proved life has a plan, something that's quite unique!

What on Earth is your assignment? A preacher to the lost?
For you're not here by accident, each destiny has cost...
A price upon your very heart, a price upon your soul
And yet what blessings to impart, when Jesus takes control...
Rewards await near Heaven's Throne, eternal and sublime,
Yet each depends on you alone, will you redeem the time?
Ask God for wisdom to supply... Ask God and seek His face...
For your assignment from on high needs God's amazing grace!

Denis Martindale updated January 2018.

The Gospel poem was shared on Revelation TV's
Voice In The Wilderness late-night show on the
Sunday evening of the 7th/8th of January 2018.


Find out more by watching Revelation TV,
the Christian channel on UK Sky TV 581.

by Denis Martindale

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