(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

What It Has Been Allowed

See it for what it is.
Since it is what it has been allowed,
To become.
And with deceptions done,
By those fully aware...
But pretend they too are in disbelief.

It is as it exists as witnessed to observe.
And pointless it is for anyone to disagree,
That what is apparent and not in disguise...
Drop out of the sky to shock and surprise.
Nor appear overnight magically.

'I can't believe what's going on.'

When you gave your consciousness away,
With a taking of all of it gone...
That's what happens when deception is accepted.
And remaining to stay in an unconsciousness is prolonged.

'But I did not willfully participate in this.'

And if you had would there be any difference?
You still would have believed deceivers.
To be convinced the use of common sense,
Is intended and meant to prevent progress.
And none has been made at all.

Why do you point at that revolving door? '

Perhaps experiencing what it does 'consciously',
Will help assist your understanding...
To comprehend,
The revolving of it you allow.
Whether you admit to it or not.

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