(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

What It Is I Can Do

I can not,
Make one or two steps for you.
As you watch them made.
Nor can I,
Wish with desire...
For your dreams to come true,
As they stayed in my mind...
To find you have been relieved,
From initiative, passion and motivation.
What it is I can do,
Is not discourage the life you live...
On any path taken you decide to pursue.
That's what I know,
For you I 'can' do.

Neither can I speak for you.
Although there were times,
I made attempts to do it...
With my own interpretation of 'your' words,
To have others hear.
And clearly,
This was not the right decision.
Since you know,
I have a preference to pepper and salt...
My tongue with it done.

What it is I can do,
For you and also for me too...
Is to prove the truth of my belief,
That whatever it is you choose to do...
And for 'you' to make this known,
I will be there and feeling proud.
Do not expect me to accept your excuses.
My eyebrows ache when they remain raised.

I have already excused myself enough.
And it was tough to discover,
Too many too eager and willing to assist.
And excuses to choose to know I can refuse them,
Is what it is I can do.
You can too.
Once you have made 'that' your choice,
To use your voice and make your own steps shown.

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Excusing self enough to discover life is very amazing definitely.