What It Is In Your Smile?

What it is in your smile?
That stopped my world from spinning
When I first saw you

What it is that is in you?
That makes me smile
All day and all night

What it is in your words?
That makes me forget
All my pains and heartaches

What is this that I feel?
In the center of me
Now that you are near

For sure it is ain’t no love
Yet neither an infatuation
But glad to this strange feeling I have

by Unknown Me...

Comments (2)

nice poem... keep it up... guess you're starting to find the magic once again to other. God Bless..
It sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship to me Unknown m, I really like this poem and it's flow, athough slightly jilting, seemed to be smoother with each read. Should that 'is' be there in the 1st line last verse? A favourite. 9 from Tai