(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

What It Means To Bloom

There are those who were born,
Knowing intuitively who they are.
With an attraction they could not avoid.
And eventually it became...
A life and not a decision.
And they sought to grow.
And they sought to bloom...
With a seeking to be critiqued!

And others live a life undecisive,
With the hopes that someone...
Comes and notices what it is done they do,
To encourage them with motivation...
That is accepted as constructive criticsm.
Allowing a process that becomes disciplined...
And less argumentative.
Like many who never discover what it means to bloom.

'I do what I do.
I don't need to improve.'

~Good luck.
I hope your feathers don't get too ruffled.
Or the few that are left don't get plucked.~

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Wow that really motivated me