(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

What It Means To Have Peace

If I have witnessed division and conflict,
As did my parents and theirs before them too...
It is a safe bet to place,
That the children of today...
Will never come to value,
What it means to have peace.
Or share amongst themselves and others,
Also unaware if peace to have should be taken...
As a thief would steal.
Or if seeds of it should be planted to watch over,
And prepared to die for if threats are heard to be rumored...
Their neighbors have made plans,
To sneak away what will be harvested.

To only have the purpose of peace associated,
With acts of violence and destruction.
Since what is known about peace,
Has yet to reach a prioritized importance...
As one's ability to pray for a keeping,
Of their good credit rating.
And kept impressions to make with things possessed.

'Did you hear about the latest shooting? '

~Yes I did.
And I thank God I got my car waxed and washed,
Before the police blocked off the streets.~

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what is peace and where is peace - unanswered.