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What It's All About
CP (10/26/40 / Los Angeles, CA)

What It's All About

Poem By Carmela Patterson

As I ponder the beating heart of our Father,
The image pulsates within my mind's eye,
And I wonder why He ever thought of me;
With thankfulness I breathe a prayerful sigh.

How can one understand the great heart of God?
How can one comprehend His supernatural powers?
How is it He has loved all earth's inhabitants
From the beginning of time in this world of ours?

What are the designs He has for you and for me?
Sometimes it takes a lifetime to figure it all out.
If you are blessed in your quest for meaning
Search and find it, with joy you will shout
Jesus Christ is Lord; that's what it's all about!
Of this fact we have no doubt.
HE IS....
what it's ALL about! ! !

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Comments (2)

Belief! Trust! Faith! God- the Divine father- creator of all- Jesus Christ- Allah- Ram and Krishna! EKAM SATH-VPRAHA BAHUDA VADHANTHI! Truth is one! The Learned call HIM by many names! Great poem, nice presentation! m
its about faith...God is a clandestine being..recognized by faith...God Bless us all Ms. Patterson...i am happy to join your song...