What Just Happened Here?

Calm down.
Dry your eyes
I know you are feeling upset,
By the names you've been called...
And you're feeling like a reject.
Give a thought to this,
There are billions of people...
On this rotating ball in the heavens,
We refer to as Earth.
Just think how blessed you are.
If God chose you to be singled out,
As strange and weird.
And the school kids remind you?
You've got 'something' delicious going on.

I love it when you smile.

They are just jealous anyway.
And they should be too.
I don't know anyone else,
That loves you more than I do.
I know God does!
That's why He has put you in my life!

I'm glad we got that settled.
You've got fourty dollars?
I saw a new video game I want to pick up at the store.
And my friends and I would like to see that new 3-D movie,
I told them I don't get that much of an allowance.
So, it's okay if you say no.
I'll just stand outside alone at the cineplex.'

What just happened here?
Can you tell me?
WHAT just happened here?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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