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What Kill’s A Man With Power

Gather a powerful man’s share in his bucket until it’s full
He still stands there as if he never received one copper
He stands there expecting for you to just pull
More copper in is bucket making it look improper

Never abdicates his knowledge and thoughts even when they’re absurd
His ignorance and stupidity brings his erroneous in public
His shadow appears on his neighbor with competition and a strong urge
To abscise his neighbor and create an expression showing that he loved it

And cumulate the enrichment to proclaim dictation
Not thinking on the punishment for the future for his devilish occasions
All now he is thinking is how to rule nations
When he over throws empires, and governments in his invasions

He becomes obstinate for his cold heart and his assassin
And his killer isn’t a man, a weapon, or himself
No his killer lives inside his heart that turn into passion
And killed him at the time when he really needed help

Pride was his down fall his pride had him screwed
Selfishness, envious, and ungratefulness had him devour
In the belly of the beast and eating up by his own pride’s brew
Pride, greed, jealousy, and hatred that’s what kill’s a man with power

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