What Kind Of Fool Am I

To marry a man like you, sleeping
In life, wasting your time playing in the
Computer everyday, I wasted my effort
And time for useless and dead life.

The beautiful love, care and affection
I gave to you for the time being,
Nothing to bear but hurt and pain;

You buried in your own self for old
fashion century way; past, present,
Future, pretending you don't even care,

I ask myself many times, what's wrong
With you, but I haven't got an answer
For my question, because you are hiding
A lot of things, everything inside of

You sleep, eat, playing in front of
Your computer everyday with useless games,
Cannot give any good things, cannot carry
To the other side of life,
No meaning to the beauty of life.

You neglect that you have someone
Alive not manikin, I have emotion, feeling
Mind to think of things, more life,
Open and free.

What kind of fool am I to choose you
In my life, to live with you with no life,
With no sense and meaning with no
Purposes of everyday.

What kind of fool am I to love you,
But don't deserve to love.

what kind of fool am I.

© Jocelyn Dunbar
17 June 2007

by Jocelyn Sumido Dunbar

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The song ask the question 'why do fools fall in love' There are many fools in this world because we do fall in love. How do we get someone's attention? ....we need a good writer to font the answer....maybe in a poem. Nice read!