IBO ( / Peachtree City, Georgia)

What Kind Of Vessel?

Now that the Lord of the earth has found me
And visited me with a joy that I find complete
I am faced yet with another valley
As I ponder, what kind of vessel lingers with me

Down the history lane, human decadence is told
How folks lost hold of their new found states;
How the beautiful in the start, turned grotesque at last
I start to wonder, what kind of vessel lingers with me

I want to anchor my vessel in the rays of the sun
Far above the earth, as long as I draw a breath
Where my vessel shall remain preserved, and renewed;
The kind that shall stay untainted by the fall of man

Take away my valley, O Lord of the earth
Let the vessel that now lingers serve me with faith
As the slumbering lion within me boldly awakens
To its mission of ascent to the luminous heights

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