What Kind Of Wisdom Is That?

How many times do I need to tell you?
As long as you are left to be impressed,
By bling and shiny things to address...
You are going to be kept blinded by delusion.
And truth to you will be too painful to refuse.
To leave you believing 'truth' is your enemy.
And you are NOT going to defeat truth.
Not as long as you believe the doing of it,
Is in your best interest.

'But what about my wants and needs? '

I don't know what words you do not understand.
Is it the bling I don't have to leave you unimpressed?
Or is it my tolerance to accept your needs to feel,
And you find me available to confess this?
Since what you are wanting I will never get.
There is not a physical or mental wound,
That has left me without a memory...
As to how they were achieved.
And where I was to begin to recognize my abilities.

'What are you saying? '

AGAIN? And please don't upset me,
To have me call you a DUMMY! Okay?
Get up off your knees and stop praying for 'things'.
Your faith with a doing of good deeds,
Will deliver to you what you deserve.
That's how it works this side of the Universe.

'But suppose what I get is not what I want? '

Keep praying to suffer.
With a getting that which you wish.
A receiving of repeated pain.
Because the bling in your mind,
You can not resist to dismiss.

'What kind of wisdom is that? '


by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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what I get is not what I want, good one. thanks.