RS (January 30,1971 / Sutton West Virginia)

What Leads Me

Life was so good on that warm summer night, as I laughed and I swam by that swimming pool's light.
Splashing and playing and having some fun, when the voice that I heard made my mind want to run.
Now my family, my mommy thats where my heart was, so I stuck threw the pain like a good son does.
After years I am told the trouble was all me, I'm told it would end if I would just flee.
So I leave and I'm left with no one to love, when I remember the man that I love from above.
He followed me, he carrys me all threw my days, from the turns and the twists, my life is a maze.
The blinders I wear, it's dark I can't see! It's my heart that he leads which gets me thre this deris.
Now I am happy, and I'll tell you why, I'm following my heart and ignoring lifes lies.

by Russell Skidmore

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