What Lies Ahead?

If I could tell you I surely would.
The sun understands brilliance,
the moon cool radiance in darkness;
No efforts do they make,
their sureness purely natural to their state.

The trees know of firm roots
and utility of suppleness to bend,
and the streams to flow and carry
for a while, unless too shallow
for the fullness of your overflowing love.

If I could tell you I surely would.
The warm earth knows deep
in its inmost molten core
and turns about your light;
and in each turn is, unseen, delight.

The path is dimly lit, and winds
through shadowed ground.
Not yet revealing where it already is,
that place you soon will find,
each turn, one of a new, unfolding kind.

If I could tell you I surely would;
but as you travel, as you surely must,
each step of gravelled, grainy, dust
will call to you with knowledge
that you will learn, to surely trust.

by David Taylor

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