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What Lies Beneath
AM ( / Alabama)

What Lies Beneath

Underneath what is not said,
In our hearts and in our heads,
Unspoken words whisper in the breeze,
What is shared between you and me.

When I need to feel your embrace,
Or need to see just your face,
If I need to feel you near,
I close my eyes and you are here.
I quietly whisper your name in the dark,
I take a deep breath and there you are.

As we sit there I imagine you holding me on the beach,
No words are spoken, we know what lies beneath.
Sitting there quietly listening to our hearts beating,
Giving our spirit whatever it needs.
You are always there to wipe away my tears,
And to catch me when I fall.
You make me feel safe and secure, even when you say,
Nothing at all.

Those times that I need you and you are so far away,
I will close my eyes and whisper your name.
Then you will be here holding me, no words we will not have to speak,
For we already know what lies beneath.

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OOOOOOHHHHHH you go girl thats great theres a little slack in middle but your already drawn to read the rest oh and thats the best thanks for heck of great write Cliff