What Lies Beneath

I am able to see inside the eyes of a lonely soul
feel the same emotions
take in every breath between the silent tears

wanting to take away the pain that is felt deep down
unable to carry it
trying to hold onto the lifeless body

listening to the heart beat ever so rhythmically
knowing its only a matter of time
reaching out but unable to be seen

your eyes tell me that you want to let go
nothing is being released
drowning ever so swiftly

holding fast that no one will be with you
pressing down on your own will
drifting further and further out of the present

fears have moved over your body
keep your head held under
slowly the light ceases to exist

if there was a way to save you now
allow me to take some of the curse
reaching again to find your hand

my tears slide flawlessly down my cheeks
begging to help in your time of need
grasping onto what seems like nothing

trusting no one, yet here is my hand
bringing you back forward
pressing on

by michelle dodd

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