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What Life Is To Me
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What Life Is To Me

Poem By Alisha Ricks

Life to me is a journey of untamed obstacles
Not knowing where your journey will lead
Or end

Life is precious and beautiful
Life is a miracle
Life is given to me for a reason
Life is joyous and wonderful to endure each day

We all encounter problems in our lives; we're
Only humans with a lost soul trying to find it

Life is what I make it
Life can be amazing
Life is mine; I won't let anyone take it

I try to see the good things in life, but
Sometimes good things are hard to find; I will
Strive to be the best to my wisdom
Because I am Alisha Ricks and
I believe in myself
All of my accomplishments are mine
And yeah I have three degrees

So how can you degrade me?
Can you?
No, you can't
Because I am destined to my full potential

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