CR ( / Cuba)

What Light From Darkness Grows

Our eyes bleed in darkness
Our whispers bring silence
Our shapes feed the shadows
Your touch turns to violence
Out of your sight we live
In forgotten hours we appear
Your witness to your own crime
We speak when you cannot hear
We haunt your sleep
In the corner of your eyes
For your sadness makes me weep
Crawling in the dark
like two star-crossed lovers
Reaching the zenith of their ecstasy
On hot and wet sheets where sex
Is the most delectable of sins
We laugh and sing like mad children
In the soft coil of infancy
Like poisonous snakes we slither swiftly
Across the desert to our promised oasis
What light from darkness grows
That blend and intertwine with soft moonbeams
Like a breath of silence that is born a tombstone
of the past.

Copyright 2006 by Carlos Alberto Rodriguez

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