CER (27th March 1990 / Singapore)

What Light? What Grace? What Gift?

Light shone into my eyes,
Yet I could not see.
What blinded my eyes from that light,
Blinded His grace from me.

People told me of that light,
That light that they could see.
I mocked them with harsh words.
Oh, how foolish they seemed to be.

I could not stand it any longer,
The turmoil and confusion in me.
Just then I saw the light,
Just then I could see.

Oh, what grace extended,
Extended to a person like me.
A mocker, a fool, a sinner.
A gift to set me free.

I accepted it with outstretched hands,
Throwing my pride away.
Turmoil and confusion gone,
With God I’ll always stay.

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Well done I like yo poem