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What Love Does
WN Whitedoves Nest ( / Australia)

What Love Does

If only I could tell you; what you mean to me
then I would not explain; for you could truly see
My life was in turmoil, full of pain and fear
then you came flying in; just to be so near

My pain was unbelievable, the light was nearly gone
The soul was tormented, dark and dreadfully worn
My thoughts were overflowing; crying waterfalls of tears
But you were there beside me; releasing all my fears

If only I could tell you; then you would know for sure
Fear was a barrier; I wanted to give you more
Experience had told me; that life was hard indeed
That there was evil everywhere; it had sown its dire seed

My heart forever vigilant, terror so close to me
The fear was raging; unable to let me be
You were there encouraging; being on my side
I did not want to fear no more; I did not want to hide

If only I could tell you; to let you glimpse a bit
Of the fear that touched me; the candle that you lit
Burning deep inside me; the anger was there to see
I was unable to face the fear; without you there with me

Carefully I moved forward; It took quite a while
It was your encouragement; your jokes that made me smile
You held my hand so tightly, your hugs so very close
Your love internally needed; for the pain that hurt the most

Now years later, after the day that we met
I remember the pain; the pain I will not forget
With you by my side, I can be forever free
Thank you from my heart, thank you from me.

Copyright Whitedove 2005

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