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What Made You To Think Me Want To Leave You? .....
RS Ravi Sathasivam ( / )

What Made You To Think Me Want To Leave You? .....

Your question shattered my hopes and dreams
broke my heart in two with your hard words.
How can you think that I want to leave you and run away
Is my endless love for you is dead or you want me to die
I did everything possible to win your heart and shown
you how much you mean to me and fall in your dreams
You don't trust me the way I trust you
You don't feel comfortable with me and the way I do
You don't think of our love the way I think of our life
All these days I treat our love and soul are one
All these days I thought that without you no life for me
All these days I gave my unconditional love to you
Tell me now. what made you to think me leaving you
You think without you my life will be happy
You think without you my heart will be finding peace
You think without you my love will be bloom like flower
Why my love, you kill me with your hard words
Why my love, you bring doubt and worries on me
Why my love, you don't understand my true love on you

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sometimes, people can't understand what they feel at the moment. i love this one, if you have a free-time, could we talk about poem? Istill learn to write in English. Thanks. yulisaja@gmail.com