PL (22nd may1991-i wish it to be 22nd may of some year / indore)

#what Makes Life So Great?

The struggle i started ends here and now
I thought life was easy, cud get thru somehow
I thought they would understand how i feel
But they have forced me into a fake image, discarding everything thats real
Now m just the way they wanted, a replica of the millions of others
I am an image made of mud, hav got no real feathers
but in the end, as i've left the battlefield
These fake wounds neednt be healed
I'd surely ask god when i reach the pearly gates
If every moment i spend faking,
what makes life so great? ? ?


Comments (3)

Life is great but not as a clone. I think you know that you have your own style of writing and thinking and I think you're amazing. Keep writing,
True to the core. Amazing....... Thank you.
i really liked your poem