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What Makes The World Go 'Round
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What Makes The World Go 'Round

The Minstrel's voice, the harp's sweet song, the joyful heart am I.
The Warrior’s pride, I may not speak, but in every child I lie.

The Mother’s tear, the Father’s prayer, the Prodigal’s welcome home.
It doesn’t matter what he’s done nor how far he roams.

The soldiers fight for me alone; I’m with them every hour.
I’m with the trembling maid that waits within her wedding bower.

I’m with you everywhere you go, even at your death.
I attended at your birth, will ease your final breath.

The hand that cools your fevered brow is I along with you
There are some that, for my sake, ‘most anything would do.

I am the fire in the young man’s eyes when he sees his blushing bride.
If any seek to part the two, oh, great woes betide!

I have been since the dawn of time and always will be
As long as there is one alone who spares a thought for me.

You can find me every day in every little touch.
I’m the one who calms your soul when the world is just too much.

I’m the force that drives you on when you’re about to fail.
I’m the one who holds you fast within the raging gale.

I am Love, that blessed thing, the one that gives Hope wings.
You’ll find me every single time you hear a Minstrel sing.

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do you know the poem 'Who walks the world with soul awake' and 'Through ages eternal'? anyway, it doesn't matter.... it's just somehow related to this one. nice job! .... really good!