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What Makes You Different
YF ( / New Rochelle)

What Makes You Different

Poem By Yaritza Florencio

I need to just say a single line
That although sweet, wont make you mine.

That what makes you different, makes you great
That the things we don’t agree on, make you my soul mate

That the things you do that drive me insane
In a fraction of the time, make me love you more than I can explain

That even though you don’t love me back, my love isn’t going to waste
That although your oblivious to your worth, my love is well placed

That you make me believe in myself, when no one else can even get close
That you mean more to me than I or anyone else knows

That no matter where we are, or where were walking
I sometimes disagree with you, just to keep you talking

That you are amazing everyday and ALL the time
That you have become my world in ways I can’t say and words I can’t rhyme

That all my life I’ve wanted to be a pilot so I could fly around
But that now I don’t feel like flying because you’re still on the ground

That I have started writing again because you’re my inspiration
That lately only you can see my hidden frustration

That I would give you everything that I have to give
That simply, I am because you are that I live because you live

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Wonderful and encouraging. Keep writing!