RD (October 4,1954 / Seattle, Washington)

Man In Armour With Red Scarf

Into the valleys of blood
Soldiers walk through filthy mud
Blood, iron and hopeless tears
Dare not to reveal your fears.

And there as I see the land
I hear the echoes of the damned
The ravens and the hungry vultures
Come see men's everlasting tortures
In all that endless slaughter
That knows not of any border.

No place for hope nor for love
A hidden letter in his glove
Words that will never be read
Brave man, not even when you are dead

Although you were of all sons the best
You shall never bear your father's crest
For it was written in you fate
By sixteen twenty eight
To be a man of no name
And I wonder who's to blame.

As red as blood is your arm-band
Vast armies you once used to command
A fierce old face at your sword-blade's hilt
And your heart seems filled with such guilt
For all the lives you've taken
In this hell you've awaken.

Sorrow and fear in your eyes
These you can never disguise
Leaving for battle never to return
Fighting for men that never learned
That wars and battles cannot be won
By the blood of those who are gone
For all your leaders' merciless greed
You always suffer and bleed

When the trumpeters of war
Are heard like never before
And when the battle's rage
Turns the history's page
Through time I'll be bound
Until I know I have found
When I stand at Genoa's old wharf
The Man in Armour with the Red Scarf

Man in Armour with Red Scarf by Aphrodite-Anastasia Menegaki

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Celebrating love and beauty of it.....good one...thanks
A manner of true and endless love. nicely penned.
Your love is eternal, dear friend! You will enjoy life even after you may leave this beloved Earth one day! But as long as you are here there will be true love governing long...!
What a friend we have in Jesus. A devotional poem written with spiritual insight to capture the DIVINE LOVE OF GOD. I like the articulation of the poem as it reveals total submission to the Will of God. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
This poem gave me goose bumps. It must be so lovely to have that faith. A beautiful poem from your heart. Thank you.
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