TB (11-7-63 / Texas)

What Matters Most

What matters most
That I have come to see
Is God in our hearts
And love of family.
Things we have learnt
Along our busy road
Has taught us and helped us
To release the heavy load.
Don't look back..
On painful memories
Leave them there buried
Beneath miserys tree.
Turn and run..
Never to collect them again
And finally sit back and enjoy
The new beautiful day to begin.

What matters most
In this life that we live
Is not what we recieve
But what we can give.
The love offered
To a friend in need
The time spent freely
With no feeling of greed.
Material things..
That will surely pass
It's the love in our hearts
That will always last.
I've fell many times
And know I've done wrong
But I've stood back up
Learning how to be strong.

What matters most
Are the simple little things
Loving someone so completely
And the joy that it brings.
Seeing a child smile
In their tender little way
Will wipe out the dark
From any gray day.
Showing compassion
To someone who's never known
A kind word or smile
Love never shown.
Reaching out..
And offering a helping hand
Will make us all stronger
And everything easier to understand.

What matters most
Is what's in our hearts
Accepting everyone for who they are...
Is a great place to start.

by Terry Biscamp

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Really sums up what is important for us all and you have described it perfectly. Lets hope when people read this they will try to live your feelings, it's a reminder! Egal Bohen...