What May Become

It has been more than six years now,
since you went away.
I watched you go, I sat and prayed.
I listened to your spoken reasons,
of your mistaken choices, your tainted seasons.
I had to hold my head up high,
you, my brother, would you lie
You made me promise, before your lights went out,
that I would take care, of our elder, throughout
I have been so honest, to those I love
And spoke of you, always in the name of love.
The bars that keep you from our reach,
from your freedom, have made you weak.
You have maintained, some humility,
some anger, humor and common sense
As the day draws near, for you to speak
I hope for you, you are not meek.
Be honest, be brave, be proud,
Be accountable, be heard, be loud,
This is your last chance, to make ammends,
to how you have hurt, damaged and stolen,
and broken promises, that will not end.
I say a prayer, for you tonight.
That the board of Pardons, hears your plea
I have kept my word, to you from that day,
Our loving mother, is waiting for you, her son
to return home, not from war, illness or hiding,
but from incarceration, where she was hung.
Come home brother, our arms are open wide,
but do not dissappoint our love or pride
If you hurt again, you will not know.
The love you will miss,
when it is our turn to go....

by Karin Elizabeth Martin

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Be honest and truthful that is the secret for all happiness good one I like it..........