What More Can Be Said

What more can be said,
By those sad actions that reflect...
A way of life with rights to kill,
Many believe should be kept protected.
With an increase of it being revealed.

What more can be expressed,
When violence that upsets...
Is legalized and marketed,
With the best advertisements...
Done to do and is effective.

How much more of this is wished,
By those who instigate conflicts.
To then think conflicts should not exist.
Or that our children will be immuned,
To the repetitveness of this.

Why do those choose to arm themselves?
And yet become the first to be alarmed,
When shocking events...
Approach closer to their fences?
With a hopping over them to offend.

And why is there such a resistance,
To a reality people invented.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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