What Mother Nature?

The often used phrase Mother Nature that to many seems to be so dear,
When used to describe the weather's maker is very blasphemous I fear.

The term is simply degrading and not befitting to The Creator of all,
And it is just one more sign of the depravity created by man's fall.

The Creator Himself makes the clouds his chariot in the sky up above,
And He rules from His Heavenly Throne with both wrath and with love,

He's not mother tending nature, but the Sovereign Master of the sky,
Who sends rain on both the righteous and unrighteous from on high.

From His hands He sends the lightning flashing down upon the earth,
This is The Creator's gracious warning to all of a new storm's birth.

God then follows this with the sound of His Majestic Awesome thunder,
And all this is just a small glimpse of God's Mighty Awe and Wonder.

When it becomes cold God sends the snow to blanket the now bare land,
Leaving a beautiful winter scene painted by The Master's Mighty hand.

The breath of God produces ice and the broad waters become frozen.
And the ice and snow that covers the earth stops the labor of all men.

No one truly knows from where the lightning and hail is dispersed,
Or exactly how and why the ice and snow is spread upon the earth.

The test will be the tribulation for all the learned and the wise,
To explain how Mother Nature made hailstones 100 pounds in size.

by Bob Gotti

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