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What Mouse Pad/Mat Do You Own?
SG (2nd October / London)

What Mouse Pad/Mat Do You Own?

They say
Don't judge a book by its cover
However, I say
That you can always judge a person
By the mouse pad that they own.

(A Tanka is a Japanese poem consisting of 5 lines with 31 sylables)

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Comments (4)

oooh, I don't have a mouse pad (laptop) what does that say about me! ?
Very neat and exactly 31 syllables. My mousepad is boring. It is plain green and features drops of water and the word 'Allsop'. No idea what Allsop means. The pad was probably given away by some firm as an advertising gimmick. Don't know what it says about me. Dread to think, really.
Nice poem, and an interesting Japanese style. Never heard of it before actually. But it's cool. My mouse pad has a huge Eagle.
interesting poem...but i read 4 lines..not 5..mine's a huge block of chocolate by the way