What Name?

amphetamines offer themselves wholly
they don't claim to be right or holy
veins moan softly for the next hit
muscles ache and call to the mistress
it's clear there's no attachment anymore
wind-slapped faces turn for more and more
inject the poison right into the hole
blind and deaf we embrace new worlds
amphetamine kisses and feathers on your chest
angel's blood runs down teary cheeks
breakable image of what could never be
and the speed takes you away where she isn't
celebrate the finish that shies away from coming
speak words like rattlesnakes in hisses and taunts
it just is, and we've finally caught up
information modified in the decoding
shades of darkening and hues of the gone
we had the bone and let it slip away
amphetamine infatuations breed the disease

by Sebastien St. Fellmore

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