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What Now?
MAR (March 11,1992 / Fremont, California)

What Now?

Poem By Marie Alexandra R. Ibarra

Tears coming down my cheeks,
Tight hugs,
And sweet kisses.
It’s just so hard to take.

A family over there,
Mine over here,
I feel in the middle –
Of my life.

A treasure so many people in my heart,
A door always opens – never closed.

Ways of communication –
Phone, e-mail, text, letter….

What should I do?
Put them in boxes,
From here to there,
Holding my bear as tight as I can;
Thinking so hard of what I would do without them.

I would put my head down –
They’d lift my head up.
They’d tell me to stop crying,
Fro they would cry too.
“What would I do now? ”
I asked myself every night –

The people I love most,
Seems to part from my sight.
Even if I don’t see them,
I’ll treasure them in my heart –
Always and forever –
Just like everlasting life.

I love them so much –
I write this fro them.
I won’t finish now,
I have not even began.

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