(1949 / Fort Smith, AR)

What Of Special Connections

How do two connect, I really do not know?
Does a Rainbow have to be overhead for them to glow?
Does it happen in an instance, or just against the odds?
Must they be so very honest, to eliminate those frauds?

Or is it similar character, or valued interest and style?
Please tell me; since I’ve been disconnected for awhile.
Do the Angels really weep when such a connection is gone?
I lost my Lov to a dreaded beast; things just turnout wrong!

Few really think of important connections; now I’m asking why.
Life is short as it is; without True-Love one could easily die.
What of ones who deny the connection; do they get a 2nd. Chance?
I care not of Lov, please; give me one true-friend without romance.

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