What On Earth Were We Thinking

It is wonderful and great,
To know people are beginning...
To gather together to rally around,
The destructive effects of crime and gun violence.
And this has begun to be noticed amongst them,
With their eyes opened wide and this is found.

It is wonderful and great,
An appreciation for life is beginning to be admitted.
And the quality of it sits in their hands.
The only thing left to tackle is ignorance.
To prove to anyone interested,
That all their actions have allowed it to exist.

It is wonderful and great,
People are beginning to face the truth.
Without it not to offend their delusions kept.
And perhaps one day when people look back,
At these times they will say and unafraid to face facts...
'What on Earth were we thinking when we chose ignorance?
To chased those who warned us away? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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