What Others Should Value

Those choosing to view life in limits.
Seem restricted to live starting conflicts.
This to be done to then seek challenges.
With the picking of the ones,
They boast of winning to others.
To ensure they too see them won.

Those choosing to view life in limits.
Use appearances that are different.
From their own to create,
What others should value and appreciate.
To enable themselves,
An escape from feeling insecure.
And they do this to demean,
The ones they perceive can be easily offended.
To then attempt to defend,
Themselves as being victims.
If the ones they try to offend,
Pay no attention.
But instead ignore them.

Those who view their lives within limits.
Value themselves by things they possess.
And still unhappy they remain in their minds.
If they cannot find anyone,
Who is impress to feel less...
Like the ones who possess feel about themselves,
All the time.
Those who view their lives to live,
Restricted to limits and remain negative.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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