What Our Love Defines

I do love you baby. Please just let me in
I do love you honey, it all happened in a dream.

Don't look for me lover, if in this dream you don't believe
Like always, I'll survive, my heart I will retrieve.

You thought I would not find you, or the lost notebook
You probably thought you broke it, but my heart you only shook.

I never felt the summer more beautiful; Time spent with you was great
Give up on hesitation, baby, you know this was our fate.

Tempt me with your eyes, I know this too will pass
If the clock strikes late, don't ask who's the girl behind the tinted glass.

Like a forgotten notebook, I too will run in fear
Thinking all the words scribbled in, like you will disappear.

All this things I have written- not sure where to send the lines,
Because only you can tell me, what our love defines.

by Silvana Krculic

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