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What Part?
AL ( / Wollongong, Australia)

What Part?

What part of 'Just stop! ' don’t you understand
It doesn’t seem to be an overly complicated command
What part of 'Smoking kills! ' doesn’t make any sense
It’s not for me to say that you are seeming a little dense

With what part of 'You’re a slave' don’t you happen to agree
Or maybe you’re quite frightened at the thought of being free
What part of 'It stinks like hell' has to be translated
Am I being difficult to say against my nerves it’s grated

What part of 'They cost a lot' hasn’t been comprehended
Stop buying the dratted things and that’s a debt that will be ended
I’m trying to say it clearly, as clearly as I’m able
Stop smoking now, forever, and lose the smoker label

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Comments (2)

You seem to be as addicted to writing this stuff as you are to cigarettes. And like so many smokers, you blow the smoke in everyone's faces.
Good old Aussie sentiment. I agree 1000% Good on yer! Hugs Jan Beachmere. Australia