(28th August 1950 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

What People Should Know Before Election!

Democracy of and by the people is for the people!
Election is a very important aspect of democracy
For governing the people, developing the nation,
Social justice and for socio-economic development!

Keen observation of the people about true colours
Of all political parties are very important before
Deciding about the selection of political party for
Governing the people in the general election sure!

Past records of the political parties reveal their true
Nature, interest and ambition clearly telling in open
Whether they are for the people or for their own
Personal developments they are venturing in election!

Votes of the people are the clear acceptance of them
For the political parties to govern them for some years;
This is a very great commitment and faith of people
Allowing some party to look after the public works..!

Before allowing some political party to govern nation
People should be sure of the party that can render
Justice and deliver goods to the people while developing
The nation forward to shine as super power in the world!

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Thank you very much, Ramesh Ji, for trying to bring into focus all important issues before one casts his or her vote in favour of some party in an election. I would like to quote a few words: ....the party that can render....Justice and deliver goods to the people while developing.... The nation