What Perfect Love Could Be

The heavens have waited long enough
for humankind to develop
and experience and live
together in a perfect love.
That love void of qualifications
and exceptions
and ill-gotten gains and deceptions.
Perfect love could be
and should be
the absolute beginning,
as is human gestation and birth;
a perfection in creation
without any ear marks
of human origin or process.
Perfect love expressed
in divine biological processes
and thoughts of the CREATOR,
our FATHER and HIS wife, our MOTHER;
filled with the thoughts
of all time, space and creation.
Yes, each mind filled
with perfect love…
before that first breath of air!
What harm is done,
to the soul
as humans begin
the deevolution of free spirits
and turn true love into the mundane
and muddle minded clone of society.
Nothing is taught,
of the source of your true family;
so we wait in obscurity,
as individual beings lost
to our true parents;
lost to perfect love,
introduced to sadness, sin, and worse...
our lives void of a future,
in our eternal home beyond the stars.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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