Abe Dharr Al-Ghifari

Matloob Bokhari

Abu Dharr was born where nothing was done for the poor;
Where no equal distribution of opportunity, property or power;
Where the rich absorbed in vices and the poor engulfed in sorrows;
Where religious leaders taught hatred, schism and malice;
Where there was no truth, no justice, no equality of rights;
Where merciless and inhuman were sucking the taxes of masses;
Where Satan had invaded the kingdom of mind;
Where aim of education was to cheat, dissimulate, or be diplomatic;
Where Bank Bombs were more lethal than atom bomb of Hiroshima;
Where charity was given to earn fame and popularity;
Where humans were burning in whirlpool of wars and murders;
Where people were hated by the colour of their skin;
Where children were without sandals and mothers with tears.
Abu Dharr worked for a society where happiness for all was certain,
Provoking the poor to rise against aristocracy and hypocrisy, he said:
'This is not my land, this is not my country, this is not my planet;
Where foul proudly sits on chariot, fair sighs under its wheel;
Where an ill-breeding mind rules the time, a good soul is blown;
Where a quisling sleeps on roses; a liberator walks on thorns.
O followers of Master of Nazareth and Sufferer of Karbala,
Instead of submitting, sacrifice to liberate the chained humanity.'
' Equality in liberty, no degrees of nobility, ' electrified the poor.
Roused those who were struggling for air in the land of despair.
Those who were serving a life sentence in the dungeon of desires
Imprisoned him in the stone walls, where he languidly languished.
One day, through the window of the cell, Abu Dharr was looking
At green leaves and the fragrant blossoms on twigs of trees.
Ah, spring, a cuckoo perched on a flowery branch chanted a song.
Abu Dharr 's soul responded; mingled with immortal world of melody.
That he who wanted to bring happiness in every house
Left his aged mother wailing, all-alone in the abode of mortality.
That he who brought oil-lamp in the darkness
Was buried in the gruesome darkness of the night.
Abu DHarr Al Ghiffari- The liberator.


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