What Poetry Means To Me

When sad, weary and all alone,
I make David's poetic Psalms my song.
The poetic songs of Solomon seem;
A solution to life of which I dream. Poetry; the version by Fitzgerald is set,
In quatrains so magically by Omar's Rubaiyat.
Shakespeare sonnets are a blessing to be,
For lovers of poetry, just like me. Poe's Raven is a story that tells:
A dream-like hallucination so well.
A verse by Longfellow at land or sea,
Is what beautifully poetry means to me. Stand aside and let time retire;
Gillelan's verses of words inspire.
A farewell of Kingsley's sweet song,
Is poetry harmony, enduring so long. This stanza for poems, by poets unknown;
They leave to the world a legacy of song;
Of words of love, hope and char-i-ty,
And that's what poetry means to me. At the poet's stage-door, I quietly rest,
To catch the last act and final request.
With a humble heart, I'll wait and see,
What the future of poetry holds for me.

by George C. Page

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This poem is so inspiring and it gives birth to an imagination that does not live in the physical..