'What Point Are You Trying To Make? '

Which 'world' was that you said I lived in?

'Your own.'

And which 'world' did you say,
I kept deluded and fantasized?

'Your own.'

Not to stir up controversy between you and me.
But doesn't it 'seem' your world of normalcy...
Has a need for more efficiency?

And doesn't it now seem to you,
From your own point of view...
My 'world' that is totally deluded,
As you refer to it.
Has less conflict?
And much more peace than yours?

'What point are you trying to make? '

None at all!
And I want this made absolutely clear.
You are invited to pay me a visit,
To 'my' world...anytime you wish.
But you are 'not' welcomed to stay!
Since I see from my own observation...
'Your' world seems to be crumbling away!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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