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What Purpose Is Served?
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

What Purpose Is Served?

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

'Why do you carry several baskets?
And on your head,
You seem to wear perfectly...
An array of assorted caps and hats?
Why can't you choose one of each?
And be satisfied with that? '

Well I do this beca...

'You know...
People who have witnessed you,
Continue to laugh at your every move.
What purpose is served?
When people not only laugh,
But think you are crazy too! '

All those folks heard laughing,
To have put their eggs in one basket.
Had been told it is best,
Just to choose one hat or cap to master.
And I tried that myself,
With a stumbling to fall.
Every egg I then carried,
Were broken to leave me with none at all.
Leaving that one hat I wore to tear to shreads.
And I thought I was qualified and well prepared,
For success and happiness...
That would always be there.

'But no one else seems to be impressed.
The only thing they see is a fool to address.'

I could care less.
I've learned to adjust and for me that's best.
And what's ahead for those people who laugh?
They're too busy with their noses up.
Too busy seeking success.
With the dressing the part to do to impress.
Few are prepared to stumble and fall.
And none of them know what they would do next.
I do! And will continue,
To adopt and adapt with a getting off my back...
To rid a basket I don't need or exchange a hat for a cap.

'So your purpose to serve,
Is to address those who are fools? '

My purpose to serve is to stay prepared.
Fools will be fools,
No matter where they are.
OR who they are.
I'm just blessed to be aware of not being one.

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