A Freedom Fighter

A respected man he is
A loved man he is
For his doings, for what he did
Yes he is a freedom fighter

He never stood and watched
He was part of them
Those who had hearts for the innocent people
But in the end he was a leader

He was the one who was punished
Punished for the wonderful things he did for the people
He did them with his power
Now he earn the people respect

They love him he’s their hero
He fought for them
He fought for people’s freedom
Yes he is our freedom fighter

He never gave up no matter what
They never got him down no matter what they did
He stayed away from home and family
Living in locked house for 27 years
Almost his man time in Roben Island

He is South Africa’s father
He is Africa’s father
He is the world’s father
He is every one’s father, a loved father
He is our freedom fighter

A special dedication to:
Mr. Nelson Mandela

by Alancia Lebogang Mogorosi

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My quest is for greatness.....to affect humanity positively! Thanks for asking this thoughtful question! ! !
Fine words here Gary ones with great depth and meaning. I have read this poem three times and so many images apear brilliant cheers Syvie
Inspiring poem. Well structured. Meaningful message. I have also always believed that excellence is its own reward. Regards, Sandra Fowler