Who Am I

i live in constent torment
i live in constent pain
i live for the destruction
the destruction of this place

i live in misery
i live in shadows
i live in the world
full of sorrow

i cry at night
i cut my arms
i get yelled at
when things go wrong

i tell them i didnt do it
i tell them it wastn me
i fall to my knees
when i get hit

i walk to the cementary
i sit down at the grave
i talk to the person
that use to be my best friend

i tell her my problems
i tell her i miss her
i tell her how much
i need her

i dotn know if she listens
i dotn knwo it shes there
and i dont even know
if she cares

but i tell her this
im lonely and forgoten
im sad and i cry
my life is jsut dark

i tell her why
no one listens to me
no one even cares
no one tells me anything

now who am i
ill tell u
im a weak girl
and im lost
now u tell me WHO AM I..........

by karen hernandez

Comments (3)

My quest is for greatness.....to affect humanity positively! Thanks for asking this thoughtful question! ! !
Fine words here Gary ones with great depth and meaning. I have read this poem three times and so many images apear brilliant cheers Syvie
Inspiring poem. Well structured. Meaningful message. I have also always believed that excellence is its own reward. Regards, Sandra Fowler