What's Eating You?

I just realised something surprising
I realised that I am residing
In the heart of all I see
I just realised as I was eating
That I am eating me
And realised that I am residing
In all that’s eating me
I just realised as I was breathing
That I am breathing air
The very same element
That’s upholding me right there
I just realised this moment
That every moment I am free
But I only know it
When I remember I’m not me.
I just realised that I’m alone here
That there is only one that’s me
I realised this oneness
When I stopped becoming me.
So why bother writing down this
When I am One alone?
Because I will need reminding
Next time that I forget
That I am One; Existence
And not this tiny, little
Non existent, thought provoking, me.

by David Taylor

Comments (2)

This is just fun and wonderful and 'just me' as in 'just you' is fine with me for the joy it brings through your poems.~~~~~marci.xo
i like this poem, way to go.