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What's Going On

What the hell's going on?
Everything's so hazy,
I feel so damn lazy,
I can't turn my mind back on.

Why have the past few months,
Been so damn confusing?
Why can't I get moving?
I can't figure out what's wrong.

I hate this feeling,
This non-believing,
I can't handle this,
I can't deal with this.

It's driving me crazy,
It's pissing me off.
I hate being lazy,
So why can't I stop?

Concentrating is so damn hard,
When I feel like I'm thinking through dense fog.
I just pull a random wild card,
I'm balancing on a thin rolling log.

I just have to think through it,
I just have to stay strong.
But it's just so damn hard,
When I don't want to go on.

I'm always so tired,
Yet I can't ever sleep.
I think I'm just wired,
From the emotions all week.

So when did this state,
Of haze take control?
And how long ago was it,
Or did it just now unfold?

How much longer can I take this,
Before my mind explodes?
How much longer can I handle this?
It's getting really old.

I feel myself slipping,
I'm falling in to drown.
Will they know that I'm missing?
And Will I ever be found?

I hate all these questions,
I hate all this sound.
They're such stupid questions,
'Cause the answers can't be found.


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