What's Happening To Me?

Lie by me-
Lie ON me,
I don't care!
I just want to feel your body!
I miss your touch.
I miss your kiss.
I miss your arms,
I feel so safe
Drowned within them.
I feel so full of love.
Air never tasted that sweet anyway.
I'd rather choke on too much love
Than die alone in the flood above.
Come then.
Don't you feel the same?
You said you did
But that was long ago.
Some feelings, well, they come and go.
I miss you.
Come back!
I miss you so.
Don't ignore me,
You're all I know so please endure me
Just one day more.
Hm? What's that?
You... yes, I see.
I guess that's what I wanted, gee...
It don't feel the way it felt before.
Can't you give me something more?

by Kathlene Ann

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