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What's Happening To Our Children?
MN (11-08-1970 / )

What's Happening To Our Children?

Poem By Mary Nagy

Look into their hollowed eyes
and tell me you don't care.
There are so many hurting
and it's more than I can bear.

What happens to our young
that makes them crave the pain?
How could they feel so helpless
that it drives them near insane?

So many young are cutters.
They have a thirst for tears.
Where are all their parents
while they're out facing their fears?

How can we save these children?
It kills me when I know
that underneath they're dying
yet the scars they don't let show.

If I could give them strength
and help them see the way...
I'd trade them my tomorrows
if that gained them one more day.

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A truely compassionate write, Mary... empathetic and purposeful. Brian
Dear Mary, You have sent out so much healing for those who have suffered so much.Your words have carried a connection and in them the people can relate and not feel so alone. I believe that pain is healed best, by those who can truly relate.The best friend that I ever had, suffered from this condition, his lesson will not be forgotten.He gave out so much but chose to forget himself.Please people 'Don't Forget Yourselves In All This'.There is light and you must do all you can to find it.Love Duncan
That means so much to me, nothing else to say... Thank you Mary. Thankyou. Kindest Regards Slim. x.
I'm 38 now, and those times are so far away, but I remember cutting myself several times, when I was sixteen. When my mother found out, she said, 'You're sick! You really are sick! ' and left the room. She was a nurse (RN) who had even done an internship in a psych ward while in school. You'd think she would have known better. Anyway, it's probably fear of reactions like these that prevents teenagers from reaching out. I guess I got past that phase on my own. Now, at this point in my life, I can't even imagine feeling that way. To all you younger poets who still do feel that way, just don't do anything irreversible, it will get better sooner than you think.
omg i love it, wow i do really, i am one of those children, thank you soo much! kat