What's It All About?

How many children died today?
How many abortions were done?
Life in the womb is still life,
Eyes that will not see the sun.

How many people shot today?
How many of them died?
How many hearts were broken?
How many of them cried?

How much food was thrown away?
With the garbage that went out?
How's the air pollution in town?
What the hell's it all about?

It's about solace for the soul,
It's about loving your fellow man;
It's about rickets and diarrhea,
it's about following God's plan.

It's about peace and brotherhood,
It's about justice and salvation;
It's about love, prayer and hope,
It's about us as a caring nation.

by David Lessard

Comments (2)

Bravo! Yes, I too, have oftentimes wondered of many questions you have asked here. Sometimes, I just wished that we can go back in time, when it was the beginning of a new era, but not the beginning of a wasteful one. A ten from me.
Excellent work. Let's hope it does not fall on deaf ears.