What's Life...

Poem By Advo.RavinderRavi Sagar

Life Is Dream.
Pickup Many Colors.
Life Is Experience,
With Busy Schedule...

Life Is Lovable.
When You're In Love.
Life Is Interesting,
If You Achieve Your Goal...

Life Is Joyful,
It's Journey With Your Partner.
Life Is Hell,
Loose Your Credibility...

Life Is Desire,
Always Uncomplicated.
Life Is Awesome,
When You Love Your Life.

Comments about What's Life...

Beautifully written and very thoughtful. The work of a sober mind, highly philosophical. Thanks for sharing and do remain blessed.
Life as a dream, colors, experience, interesting, love, joyful life is hell. Life is desire.. love your life. So many points i collected from your poem after carefully reading it. Very good poem.. than k you dear for sharing. tony

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